24-House Monitored CCTV in Bedfordshire

24-Hour Monitored CCTV in Bedfordshire

SFM UK Ltd is pleased to provide local businesses with 24 Hour Monitored CCTV in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Did you know that the UK actually has more CCTV cameras that the whole of China? As crazy as it sounds, despite our little island being considerably smaller than China, and having less people, we do actually have more cameras, per person.

From the outset, you might not realise how important CCTV is to a business. For instance, not only does it help to prevent crime, acting as a deterrent, but it also detects crime whilst its taking place. It’s been proven that crime is more likely to take place at  business premises where no cameras are present.

Whilst the threat of criminal activity is usually due to an external presence, many businesses also use CCTV within offices and throughout areas with heavy footfall to monitor activity. This is a way of monitoring your employees, or keeping an eye on any potential issues that may arise from internal threats, such as criminal or fraudulent activity.

Our 24 Hour Monitored CCTV in Bedfordshire and across the region will ensure that your business premises are closely monitored, ensuring your safety at all times. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to help them achieve the best total security solutions to suit their business needs.

When you work with SFM, you’ll have an end to end service. Our team will install CCTV in your business, or across your businesses and they will also provide you with a fully-monitored 24-hour CCTV service that gives complete peace of mind. Our dedicated 24-hour monitored control room will inform you or your chosen contacts when an alarm in your business is triggered. You can be assured and confident that your business is being looked after by our team of dedicated security experts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Does your business need 24 Hour Monitored CCTV in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas? If the answer’s yes, then we can help! Contact us or call us today on 0800 8100946, and speak to one of our CCTV specialists.