Case Study – The Recovery of a Failing Residential Service Contract

This residential security case study details our assistance in a failing residential contract


A national building services management company.


Current Situation:

Firstly, a failing service delivery contract due to outdated systems & paperwork. Both not fit for purpose and a lack of correctly management controls coupled with militant staff.


Secondly, a failing relationship between the client and the residents with pending legal action between them. Also, a residents committee with their own agenda’s and desires to replace all of the service providers. A landlord with a financial interest in both camps!



Further failure to address all of the identified issues would result in the loss of the contract.



A comprehensive review of the systems, staff and customers implemented.



Updated site working instructions. Also a comprehensive set of management controls, forms and protocols also implemented. Furthermore, certain staff became casualties of the new system and revised protocols. An initial dilution of knowledge quickly replaced, and best working practices re-established.

It took time for the residents to buy into the new systems. A refreshed staffing list and the new on-site management team. The client has embraced the efforts of the company and the way in which the company has increased productivity.

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