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Employee of the Quarter

Security Officer – Syed Furhaan Al-Bukhari

Syed has been a security officer with SFM (UK) Ltd for the past year. Currently his duties consist of site entry control and patrols. Syed has always conducted himself with complete professionalism, not only has this been recognised by SFM (UK) Ltd.’s management team but also our clients. Syed is always willing to go above and beyond, this has been displayed countless times via; his willingness to learn by covering various projects, his initiative through travelling to numerous sites and his creative input when discussing, developing and improving site coverage. Syed is a truly valued at SFM (UK) Ltd.

As a token of our appreciation Syed has been awarded as employee of the quarter. On behalf of everyone at SFM (UK) Ltd we would to take the opportunity to commend Syed for his excellent service, dedication and attitude over the past months. We are very grateful to have Syed as a valued part of our company and we look forward to sharing many more years of continued success.

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Our Sponsored Athlete; Adam Sagar

Adam was born in the UK before moving to Spain at the age 12. Growing up Adam was a golf fanatic, and a true student of his craft. His dedication to the sport saw him turn pro at the age of 22. Through Adam’s golfing aptitude he has toured the globe and played in countless competitions. Along his journey Adam was dubbed Adam ’Super’ Sagar, a result of his unique dress style on the course. Adam matches his hat, belt, clothing colours and club headcovers to his superhero choice of the day. So far 2019 has been of to a good start.

Early 2019 was a real test for Adam, he had to ensure he was in peak physical condition for the tournaments he would be competing in this year. In doing so, Adam spent a lot of time in the gym and at his local golf course. To begin Adam’s intense schedule, he flew out to Jordan and Ajman to partake in the Mena Tour to play in the first two events. Between events Adam was jetting to Dubai to meet with his development coaches, utilises their expertise and knowledge to improve his game. The main agenda for these two events were to get some competitive practice before the PGA Tour – China Series in Guangzhou commenced. After a long stretch of respectable tournaments and extensive travel in the PGA Tour– China Series, Adam felt both mentally and physically drained due to difficulties acclimating to the surrounding environment e.g. food, climate, ect.

After returning home, Adam reflected on his past performances. Before returning to this training regime; ensuring sufficient nutrition, allocated gym sessions and practice on his local courses. Upon reflection Adam made the executive decision not to return to Asia and focus his energy on Europe.

Adam’s first PGAEuroPro tour event was the IFX Payment Championship at Brocket Hall. He struggled through the first round, yet Adam did a great job turning it around to make the cut. Both George & Krishan attended the event and were inspired by Adams performance. Adam displayed great craftsmanship and creativity across the course and placed towards the middle of the pack.

Adam will continue to compete in both the EuroPro and Andalusian events. As the year progresses Adam will enter the British Open Qualifier as well as the European Q School. We will continue to support and follow Adam’s journey whilst providing unique insights.

Stay tuned for the exciting year ahead.

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Employee of the Quarter

Security Officer – Jason Ansell

 Jason Ansell has been a Site Contracts Manager with SFM (UK) Ltd since September of 2018. Jason’s position requires him to liaise with the client as well as manage all site personnel. Over the past few months management has observed Jason’s outstanding leadership ability when confronted with an adverse situation. Jason has displayed great composer and ensures all necessary procedures are completed. When liaising with the client Jason portrays complete professionalism; he is extremely polite and always helpful. Jason is a model employee and we are proud to have him as part of our team. 

As a token of our appreciation Jason has been awarded as employee of the quarter and received a cash voucher. On behalf of everyone at SFM (UK) Ltd we would to take the opportunity to commend Jason for his excellent service, dedication and attitude over the past months. We are very grateful to have Jason as a valued part of our company and we look forward to sharing many more years of continued success. 

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New Kubota – All Terrain Patrol

Here at SFM no bad weather conditions stop us from getting the job done, our new Kubota helps us patrol on any kind of terrain and ensures that our clients receive the service they deserve and expect from us no matter what. All staff have been given relevant training in order to use the Kubota safely and effectively on site.

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Let’s Stop Bullying

SFM are proud to announce their support for ‘Let’s Stop Bullying’.   Let’s Stop Bullying is an anti bullying initiative created by Educational Media Ltd and is aimed at raising public awareness in local communities about bullying. 


Stop Bullying in schools

As a security company involved in the protection of schools and universities, we do not take bullying lightly. We fully support this campaign and we ask that you do too.

Please see the Let’s Stop bullying website:

Lets stop bullying

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Residential Services

SFM are please to announce that we have again won the annual renewal of a large city based contract following a comprehensive and tough tendering process. SFM were awarded the contract due to the forward thinking of the management team, who analysed every aspect of the service delivery process and implemented key changes to improve productivity and service levels whilst reducing the overall cost. The forward looking vision of the management team and the dynamic changes were without doubt key to to SFM success in securing the contract and employment for the team.

Residential High Networth Property

Our team of project managers and specialist consultants planned and delivered a key upgrade to an existing customers CCTV system. The system was designed with the end users in mind but encompassed a strict code of client requirements, in that:

  1. The system had to be cutting edge technology
  2. The system had to be fit for purpose despite weather or light issues
  3. The system had to be delivered within budget and on time
  4. The system had to be robust, reliable and designed and built without any single points of failure
  5. The system had to be secure but accessible by the client and the management team from anywhere in the world.

Despite the brief, the tight budget and timelines, our specialist team and our approved contractors deliver above and beyond the clients expectations.

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SFM Expansion into new Sectors

SFM UK Ltd have been expanding it’s security services since March 2016 into different sectors of the market across the UK.  SFM have been active in recruiting security staff with Close Protection Officers and Key Holding Services showing the greatest growth within the business.

SFM’s main focus has been to ensure that new staff are properly skilled, trained and licensed to provide the optimal security service given to clients.

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New Mobile Patrol System

Over the past 18 months SFM (UK) Ltd have focused on its mobile section which has proven to be a huge success with additional staff and vehicles being mobilised to carry out a number of functions.

The mobile arm of the company focuses on cost effective adhoc and pre-booked services including locking and unlocking of properties, responding to fire and intruder alarm activations, void Property inspections, periodic mobile patrols and staff escorting.

With the extensive mobilisation and growth of this service we needed a new patrol system that would integrate with our current processes and give us accurate up to date data.  Our initial purchase proved to be poor with hardware faults and poor customer service. Not being phased with this we decided to cancel the contract and move to a better placed company in this sector that we could have the confidence it product reliability and a first class customer service that mirrors our own service

The Benefits of this new patrol system allow our valued customers an individual log in so they can access  upto date data of the activities relating to their assignments.

Not only this, it allows SFM (UK) Ltd to analyse data identifying pinch points in service delivery as well as seasonal and annual trends, routes and enhancing our lone worker protection, this in turn allows operations to allocate resources enabling an uninterrupted service delivery and protection of our staff.

Mobile Patrol Security
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SFM UK Ltd New Website Launch

SFM UK Ltd new website has been launched, show casing all our services.  We will keep this website updates as we improve and increase our Security Services.

We will be offering online application form for security jobs.  Applicants can apply for the variety of upcoming positions, in a team of professional security experts.


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