Looking for friendly, professional and highly trained concierge for your business? Our highly skilled team of Concierge will help to bring your business requirements to life.

At SFM UK Ltd, we understand how important first impressions are in business. We also understand how tricky it can be to find highly skilled, professional, discreet and reliable Concierge. That’s why we pride ourselves on bringing together a select team of experienced individuals who will represent your business at the first point at which your customers, clients and guests interact with your brand.

From door personnel and corporate events personnel, to front desk staff and attendants, we can help tailor your individual business needs. You can be guaranteed that our team of highly trained Concierge will provide your business with a first class service and a fully licensed and cost effective security provision.

Our SIA Licensed Concierge are the ideal uniformed and professional security image for your corporate premises, high profile events or front of house.


SFM Concierge – From our team, to yours

We share a passion for actively contributing to the security and well-being of our clients who rely on our stable workforce of highly disciplined, experienced and trained Concierge to prevent incidents before they happen. If they do happen, our clients can be safe in the knowledge that our Security Professionals will respond quickly and competently.

Our commissionaires are available in Bedfordshire, London and across the UK and Europe. And depending on your requirements, our team can be contracted on a per operative, per hour basis for either full time or part time requirements.

Want to discuss your Concierge? Call our friendly team today and find out how SFM can help create a bespoke, cost effective security package for all your business needs. Or feel free to click here and contact us at any time!

Front of House

Our highly trained front of house staff are ideal for suiting your security needs. Available in Bedfordshire, London and all over the UK and a Europe. SFM are the ideal choice for front of house or any other security solutions! Our Front of House staff are a discreet, highly trained and reliable security service tailored to suit your needs. You can rest assured knowing that our Front of House staff are there to protect you at a moments notice.

Front of House duties can range from guarding entrances as a doorman to manning the front desk, acting as an attendant & much more in-between. Our Front of House staff are versatile, skilled SFM security service members who are trained to deliver high quality, bespoke service. So if you’re interested in hiring a front of house security service, make the right choice with SFM.

Front of House / Concierge

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