Employee of the Quarter

Security Officer – Syed Furhaan Al-Bukhari

Syed has been a security officer with SFM (UK) Ltd for the past year. Currently his duties consist of site entry control and patrols. Syed has always conducted himself with complete professionalism, not only has this been recognised by SFM (UK) Ltd.’s management team but also our clients. Syed is always willing to go above and beyond, this has been displayed countless times via; his willingness to learn by covering various projects, his initiative through travelling to numerous sites and his creative input when discussing, developing and improving site coverage. Syed is a truly valued at SFM (UK) Ltd.

As a token of our appreciation Syed has been awarded as employee of the quarter. On behalf of everyone at SFM (UK) Ltd we would to take the opportunity to commend Syed for his excellent service, dedication and attitude over the past months. We are very grateful to have Syed as a valued part of our company and we look forward to sharing many more years of continued success.

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