External Grievance Policy


The company takes grievances seriously and will investigate them in an objective and factual manner.

This policy applies to employees, contractors and suppliers engaged with the company.

We believe the opportunity to raise a concern or issue is a key component of effective communication and we encourage external third parties to engage in dialogue on matters of mutual concern, in order to improve understanding and identify solutions to problems. Through such dialogue most issues of contention or dissatisfaction can be resolved early and without the need for a formal process.

However, on occasions this may not be possible in which event a formal procedure can be applied.

Informal Grievances

If an external person or body (third party) wishes to raise an informal grievance, relating to any individual within or engaged by  the company, or the company in general. The third party raising the grievance has the option to contact the Managing Director of the company direct.

Alternatively, the third party can contact the Operations Director, who will escalate the grievance direct to the Managing Director.

Formal Grievances and Appeals

If a third party wishes to raise a formal grievance relating to any individual or in respect of the company in general, without first approaching the company.

The following external security related authorities may be approached direct:

Security Industry Authority – (SIA)

E: info@sia.homeoffice.gov.uk

T: 0844 892 1025


Security in Complex Environments Group – (SCEG)

E: enquiries@adsgroup.org.uk

T: 020 7091 4500


Department for Transport – (DfT)

E: FOI-Advice-Team-DFT@dft.gsi.gov.uk

T: 023 8032 9270


Department for Business Innovation & Skills – (BIS)

E: enquiries@bis.gsi.gov.uk

T: 020 7215 5000


Foreign and Commonwealth Office – (FCO)

E: fcocorrespondence@fco.gov.uk

T: 020 7008 1500


International Code of Conduct – (ICoC)

E: ICoC@eda.admin.ch



Maritime Coastguard Association – (MCA)

E: infoline@mcga.gov.uk

T: 02380 329100


International Maritime Organisation – (IMO)

E: info@imo.org

T: 020 7735 7611


United Nations – (UN)

E: www.un.org/en/contactus/contactform.asp



The above information will be openly transmitted to all third parties wishing to raise a formal grievance in respect of an individual or against the company.