Guard Dog Security

Guard dog security not only gives your business and domestic premises additional security, but is also ideal for VIP events, or conferences which may need enhancing security requirements. We’re pleased to offer this service to clients who require specialised canine support, and extra security that also offers you peace of mind.

  • Detect issues onsite using sight, sound and scent
  • Provide a visual and audible deterrent
  • Safeguard and protect premises and people
  • Prevent the loss and to aid business continuity
  • Protect assets and property
  • Alert security personnel to the presence of intruders

Whilst CCTV systems and alarms installed to deter intruders are often the first port of call for security… They often do not prevent a crime actually taking place. Guard dog security is the ideal deterrent and will often stop criminals from entering your premises. Having a guard dog helps to safeguard businesses and business premises. Not only this but in some cases, there is also an opportunity for some business owners to have a reduction in the insurance premiums. This is on the basis that a guard dog is onsite and protecting the premises.

Ideal for business and domestic properties. As well as special events, guard dog security patrols have perfected the role of a high-profile deterrent for any unwanted intruder.  It is widely acknowledged that just one security guard dog team is as effective as four or five static guards.

Experienced, committed guard dog security handlers

All experienced, fully trained security professional Security Guard Dog Handlers.  They are available to cover your security requirements 24-hours, 7 days a week. Our management and supervisory team are experienced dog handlers and will maintain frequent visits to your site to ensure that handler and dog are safe and working to the site-specific assignment instructions.

All of our guard dog security handlers trained to the National Association of Security Dog Users standard. SIA licensed and vetted to BS7858.

Guard Dog Security – for when safety is paramount

Let SFM take care of all your guard dog security needs. If you have a specific event or are looking for a guard dog patrol… We can help to create a tailor-made solution, just for you.

  • Our security dog handlers will never let their guard dog off the lead when on patrol.
  • We install security warning boards at key points around your premises to show that Guard Dog Security is in place.
  • Dog Handlers fully compliant with both the 1975 Guard Dogs Act and the Revised 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.
  • Our security dog handlers will never leave their guard dog unattended on your site.
  • All security guard dogs muzzled when on patrol in public places.
  • When on a break, our security guards dogs rest in secure kennels.