Firstly, SFM (UK) Ltd provides specialist Rail security services and consultative services to support our partners and JV’s (Joint Venture businesses). We’re working primarily on the construction of the HS2 Rail network and other large Rail projects. As well as this, our extensive knowledge and expertise coupled with our capability to design, deliver and manage specialist Rail security projects has propelled SFM (UK) Ltd to be of the UK’s foremost go to specialist security businesses for the rail industry.

Furthermore, to complement our rail expertise we are also able to offer Logistics management support (Construction Industry Code of Practice). Primarily dealing with RTMP’s and LTMP’s, TTP’s, vehicle booking, identification and tracking systems.Rail Security Services

Our Services:

Firstly, our capability includes: manned guarding, dog handler’s, response officers, mobile response officers, CPO’s and CP T/L’s.

Secondly, other Rail activities include: gate line, train dispatch, station lock/unlocks, depots, crowd control, barrier/ticketing and platform marshaling.

Furthermore, to complement our Rail sector activity, SFM (UK) Ltd also provides a comprehensive training package. For those working on the rail network, we also follow protocols to include H&S and UK Law governance of the Railways.

Lastly, for more information about our rail security solutions, please contact us on Freephone 0800 8100946.