SFM (UK) Ltd provides specialist Rail security services and consultative services to support our partners and JV’s (Joint Venture businesses). We’re working primarily on the construction of the HS2 Rail network and other large Rail projects. As well as this, our extensive knowledge and expertise coupled with our capability to design, deliver and manage specialist Rail security projects has propelled SFM (UK) Ltd to be of the UK’s foremost go to specialist security businesses for the rail industry.

To complement our rail expertise we are also able to offer Logistics management support (Construction Industry Code of Practice). Primarily dealing with RTMP’s and LTMP’s, TTP’s, vehicle booking, identification and tracking systems.Rail Security Services

Our Services:

Our capability includes: manned guarding, dog handler’s, response officers, mobile response officers, CPO’s and CP T/L’s.

Other Rail activities include: gate line, train dispatch, station lock/unlocks, depots, crowd control, barrier/ticketing and platform marshaling.

To complement our Rail sector activity, SFM (UK) Ltd also provides a comprehensive training package. For those working on the rail network, we also follow protocols to include H&S and UK Law governance of the Railways.

For more information about our rail security solutions, please contact us on Freephone 0800 8100946.

Over the past two and a half years SFM (UK) Ltd have been working mainly as Tier 2 contractors for Ground Investigation works on behalf of HS2 for the likes of ESG, more latterly known as SOCOTEC UK after they’d been bought by the large French construction company during the beginning of 2018.

Working within this Environment where values, stringent regulatory controls and H&S protocols are key to any success calls for the utmost understanding and knowledge, a very genuine commitment to develop and offer sustainability and a resolve to continually evolve and improve. As without any of this you will simply not survive.

Not to mention you must provide a cost effective and efficient security solution.

So, the getting it right first time promise we made ourselves proved to be an enormous challenge for all those involved and we can certainly say we had some hairy moments along the way, nevertheless 2.5 years later, we emerge battered and bruised, but with a reputation that precedes itself, so much so, that during the middle part of 2018 we were approach by EiffageKier Jv (EKjv) a £24.5b turnover joint venture company and asked if we would consider being their preferred security supplier/partner.

Since then we have been approached by many other companies such as REL who are now close on completion of the gas pipe redirection at Calvert in North Bucks and more recently Forkers Ltd, who will be commencing Vegetation Works sometime time during the middle of March 2019.

And such is our versatility and depth of capability, we have also delivered CPO’s (close protection operatives) at the Public Engagement meetings which are hosted by staff from the JV’s and HS2.

The future looks good and we are all very excited to see what it brings us, at the moment we are involved and working on other opportunities, which include the rail build itself and with these types contracts usually lasting anything between 2 and 10 years should mean that our Rail Division will be very busy for a long time to come?